Rerides Animal Talent

Here at Reride’s Animal Talent, we are a dedicated and highly motivated team.  We strive to ensure the safety of Our Team,  the Animals, Trainers, Cast and Crew, to produce a shared relationship for a successful outcome for your specific production. It is our highest priority to provide reliable and safe handling of both our animals and clients.  We are fully licensed and insured, and work with our strict code of best practices, as well as follow guidelines of the American Humane Society. Our staff, will work in unison with Directors, AD’s, DP’s including Stunt Coordinators, cast and crew.  Reride’s Wrangler’s, are experienced with pre-production work, to include risk assessment, transportation, site evaluation, and are staffed with experienced handlers, that understand about camera angles, and what looks best on screen.  We are happy to review and assess your script and provide recommended solutions, so production  get’s exactly what is expected “On The Day”. We also have a network of trainers, wranglers and providers of large and small animals to include, but are not limited to;  horses, mules, cows, dogs, cats, chickens, pigs, reptiles, stage coaches, freight wagons, carriages, and horse drawn sleighs, period specific tack, and western style clothing. Our ambition, is to meet your needs with complete satisfaction.  Give us a call, and let Reride’s Animal Talent support your endeavors.