The Workings

Rerides Animal Talent


One of the most important aspects at the ranch is the training that goes into preparing an animal to be “set ready”.

We specialize in Team’s of Horses and Mules which can go as a Single’s, Two-Up or Four-Up.
Our Horses and Mules can be used for Pack Animals, Saddle or stand alone, in mountainous terrain, trail riding or city streets.

We offer period specific hardware and tack, to include wagons, stagecoach, buggies, buckboards and freight wagons.
We can assist Cast, Crew or enthusiasts with technical and professional support.

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The Benefits

For the Actors


When working with animals, it’s important for cast and crew to receive proper training and preparation. With our experienced and professional wranglers, there should be no particular challenges, once in the filming environment (on set).

It is fundamental to be well prepared, confident and safe for the filming and scripted action, for the success of your project. As your personal experienced animal handler, we highly encourage this interaction during the pre-production stage.

We welcome any of our clients, acting agents or talent, to come to the ranch and work through any training they may need. We can help our clients learn how to harness, hitch and drive mules or horses pulling a wagon or carriage, or simply become familiar, and natural around an animal. learning to saddle a horse, or training for extraordinary action scenes, our wranglers are here to help guide you safely, to create the result your production is looking for.

 The Ranch


Rerides Animal Talent is settled on 120 acres of land with a total of 1000 acres available all on private land. With enough space for the entire cast, crew, and production equipment, there is no need for a public land permit. This immediately saves our clients money for the overall production.

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