Our team, has firsthand experience, working with a variety of animals and livestock. If your production is for Advertising, TV or Film Industry needing Reptiles, a Western theme, Farm or Ranch theme, or a Period Specific Era’, we have what you need to successfully carry out your requirements. Reride’s Animal Talent works closely with the American Humane Society to ensure a safe production for the cast and crew. Whether you need one animal or several Reride’s Animal Talent is here to help make it happen when the camera roles, on “the day”.
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talent images

Our Team


Dan “Reride” Smith

Lead Wrangler and Animal Coordinator

Randy Melton

Professional Wagon Master

Ron Neal

Professional Wrangler & Trainer with Specialty Horses

Our Team


Alesha Melton

Professional Animal Wrangler

Jason “Tuna” Shapiro

Reptile Wrangler

Rachel Perez

Assistant Coordinator